Help yourself to some free music for your brass group...

You can download, print, play and perform all of these pieces absolutely free.

They come from our many junior band and brass quintet collections, which offer you a huge range of repertoire - all at very affordable prices.

Junior Band downloads

Pastime with Good Company

from "Little Shiny Brass 2" - brilliantly simple music for junior brass

Cosi fan Tutte

from "A Night at the Opera" - a musical adventure for junior band & narrator

Milenberg Joys

from "Little Shiny Brass plays Jazz!" - 5 swinging favourites for junior band

Jingle Bell Boogie

from "A Little Shiny Brass Christmas" - 5 festive favourites for junior band


from "Mini Masterpieces: The Planets" - a cut-down version of Holst's orchestral suite

Haydn - Surprise Symphony

from "The Great Composers" - musical history for training band and narrator

Anna Magdalena's Minuet

from "Little Shiny Brass 1" - brilliantly simple music for junior brass

Italy - O Sole Mio

from "Little Shiny Brass World Tour" - 10 tunes from around the world

Football Crazy

from "Little Shiny Brass Quartets" - 10 lively pieces for flexible junior quartet

Royal March of the Lion

from "Mini Masterpieces - Carnival of the Animals" - a cut-down version of the Saint-Saƫns masterpiece

Brass Quintet downloads

Colonel Bogey

from "On the March" - 10 classic marches for flexible quintet

Bach Prelude and Fugue

from "30 More Classics" - greatest hits from the great composers

Chicago (that toddlin' town)

from "Jazz & Dixieland" - 10 classics from the early years of jazz

Pirates of Penzance

from "30 More Classics" - greatest hits from the great composers

Pomp & Circumstance March

from "30 Classics" - the first and most famous of Elgar's wonderful marches

Variations on Hark the Herald

from "Winter Wonderland" - 12 festive concert pieces for quintet

Walking the Dog

from "Odds & Sods" - a marvellous miscellany for brass quintet

Indian Summer

from "American Classics" - music from the pioneers of American music